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Katawa ShoujoValentin's Day Pony pic by StrandedGeek Katawa ShoujoValentin's Day Pony pic by StrandedGeek
Katawa Shoujo is a very interesting game that I learned about from a videogame reviewer Jewwario; well technically it’s more interactive visual novel really. And it has an interesting origin too which sounds bad when first hear it because of three things: Dating Sim, Disabled girls, 4chan…. yeah I know it sounds like a REALY BAD idea. But actually it’s really nice game. It’s more to it than what you might think. It isn’t like a most dating sims where your goal is trying to doink every hot girl you can. It tells a really good romance story and the characters have a lot better depth to them than what you might think. Especially who you play as, you’re not some punk that wants to sleep with disabled girls cause that’s his kink. You’re actually a nice guy who’s going to a new school that deals with disabilities. And 99% of the kids that go there have at least one disability. You’re encouraged to make friends and be more open about yourself. I will it admit, it is an adult related game as it does have sex in the game. But it’s not a porn game where sex is the whole point of the game. It a real romance story, you make news friends you getting girl, and the important part KEEPING your new friend making your friendship grow. Oh and don’t think you can be a white knight who comes in to “save” the girl from her disabilities as they act like real people and have dealt with their problems a lot longer than you have. If you don’t learn that you’ll be sorely mistaken. A lot people have said that in truth if you took the sex part out of the game it would be a prefect love story. And as you play you’ll find that the disabilities will fade into background. I personally haven’t play this game but I’m thinking about giving it a try despite the type of game really isn’t my personal interests. But I really liked the idea behind it and it really reminds me of ponies in a lot of ways. The game is free to download and play, and you should really give it a chance. It deals with the subject very maturely and treats with a lot of respect. It also goes to prove that you really shouldn’t have pity for someone but they really need, whatever one needs, is just a friend. I think that’s something fitting for Valentine’s Day. If you want to read it I’ve posted some info about the game below as I think you should get to know these guys. Also here’s the link to the video review I watched you should check out his stuff he’s really nice & very funny and you’ll like to hear what his thoughts are. [link]
Also a little thank you shout out to AikawaNackie who was nice enough to provide the background - - > :iconaikawanackie:
The game takes place Yamaku High School; it’s special designed school for people who have disabilities. They site hospital staff & nurses should anything happen and also help students how to cope with their problems so they can lead a normal life.

Hisao Nakai: The boy who you play as in the game. Hisao has heart arrhythmia, which means he has a very weak heart. And after having a literal heart attack from girl who admitted she liked he gets transferred to Yamaku. He’s a nice guy and is mostly trying to get use to his new surroundings

Rin Tezuka: Rin is a very talented artist and a deep thinker. She can only paint using her mouth and feet as she doesn’t have any arms. (as a pony I made her a anthro pony to make it more clear and I think it would make sense she would have learn how to walk that way)

Hanako Izekawa: The skiddish Hankao is a very shy bookworm and doesn’t trust many people and with good reasons. She was teased most of her life from elementary to middle school because of her appearance. She lost her family & was burned badly on her right side due to a fire and wears a constant reminding scar. Lilly is one of the few she trusts and she takes more of a motherly role to Hanako.

Lilly Satou: Lilly is proper, posh, lady like and very polite. However she can’t see as she’s was blind since birth. She also happens to be a senior when you play the game. She loves tea and acts very much like a mother to Hanko.

Emi Ibarazaki: Emi is a bright and cheerful girl to know. She is also the fastest runner on the track team by using special prosthetics, as she has no legs below her knees. Despite the clash in personality she actually gets along with Rin very well and they help each other out in doing things the other can’t. Making them a very unlikely team

Shizune Hakamichi: Shizune is tough, smart, but also fair especially since she is head of the student council. And while a strong leader and taskmaster she does have soft side but only allows few to see it. She is also deaf and mute but since not everyone uses sign language her close friend Misha acts her interpreter.

Shiina (Misha) Mikado: The pink haired always helpful and funny Misha. Misah acts Shizune’s interpreter for those that can’t do sign language and is one of Shizune’s close friends. Misha surprisingly doesn’t actually have a disability she attends to the school because she wants to be helpful to others and she’ll be able to help you settle in. She mainly is attending Yamaku to become a better interpeter.

I really like this cast and the plot of the game sounds like a really nice story. I haven’t played and most my info I got from the wiki. I hope you like what I picked in terms of their pony designs, as I just with what I thought would fit them.
vcgfdfgd Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
Cool stuff. I can totally see Hanko as a unicorn.
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